In this series, we are exploring some of our favourite record labels. Each month we’ll be inviting a guest, ranging from producers, DJs, designers and label heads, to guide us through their personal highlights from the back-catalogue. Hopefully these guides will be useful for newcomers and seasoned listeners alike.

Glasgow’s 12th Isle have been firing oddities into the atmosphere since it’s inception in 2016. The sound of the label is an oscillating blur of left-field electronics and foggy ambience. At times, the centrepoint can resemble a skewed slant on club music, at other times, sound collages laced with opaque field recordings. The imprint is most clearly an exercise in world-building, with a visual and sonic through-line that adds structure without constricting the loose possibilities of the work.

Its ethos is undoubtedly forged by it’s homeland, but it’s roster is international. We’ve invited D.K. and RAMZi, from France and Canada respectively, to guide us through their favourite tracks from the label. RAMZi released the acclaimed ‘Pèze-Piton’ album on the imprint in 2017, as well as various projects across the likes of 1080p, Mood Hut and her own label FATi Records. D.K.’s ‘Live At The Edge’ album saw release in 2020, sitting alongside projects for the likes of Good Morning Tapes and Antinote.

Both artists will be performing live at the 12th Isle x Venue MOT event on the 14th October with Cru Servers, Loris S. Sarid & Innis Chonnel, and Lupini. For now, dive into the weird world of 12th Isle below.

Pataphysical - Purlo

D.K.: “This one is certainly one of my favourites in the 12th Isle catalogue. Dreamy pad sequences laced with nostalgic soundscapes and subtle field recordings, inviting you to drift into fragmented memories from another dimension. It's so good - I'm always a bit frustrated when it ends.”

Bruxula - The Bird on the Hill

RAMZi:Cosmic JD and Jerusa Leao, fellow Canadians on the label, with a sort of downtempo 2-step cut.”

RAMZi - Backin

D.K.: “When the ‘Pèze-Piton’ LP came out back in 2017, I remember being really excited about this release. ‘Backin’ is maybe the one that I’ve played the most through the years, but I could have picked any other track from this sick album.”

Vlad Dobrovolski - Far Above the Ground

RAMZi: “The opener for the collection of music from St. Petersburg's S A D project released in 2022. This one is a solo work from Vlad Dobrovlski.”

Cru Servers - Henge Salt Phrasal

D.K.: “A crazy and unique one from Cru Servers on this VA compilation. Proper mechanical and glitchy drum programming, full of reverb mixed with retro-futuristic ambience. I feel trapped in a nineties video game every time I listen to it.”

Pataphysical - Dream Reveal

RAMZi: “A big favourite from the label :)”

Tarotplane - Light Under Water / The Rescheduled Dream Delivery Service / Malaysian Forest / A Tiny Coven

D.K.: This 18 minute B-side is an oneiric excursion in four parts, combining ethereal ambient textures, smooth psychedelic atmospheres and kosmische guitar. It reminds me some of my favourite tracks from Popol Vuh.”

Tarotplane - Panther Walk

RAMZi: “Shimmering loops that could go on forever with barely-there field recordings in the background, no clue what they're saying…”

Lo Kindre - No Hiding

D.K.: “There’s no need to put too many elements in a track sometimes. ‘No Hiding’ is the perfect example, a hypnotic sci-fi dubby track from Lo Kindre.”

Cru Servers - In Luted Plaque Water

RAMZi: “A left field dancefloor jam from Cru Servers, who are also playing live at Venue MOT!”