This weekend sees the return of Terra Obscura, the London-based night ran by Kindred stalwarts Alicia and Avsluta. Housed in Bermondsey’s Ormside Projects, the events series looks to bridge the gap between ambient and experimental club music. The event has seen collaborative nights with the likes of Cozi, Local Knowledge and 3XL, as well as inviting artists such as Piezo, Kia and Cousin.

“Each of our events starts off very slowly and comfortably, with bean bags and pillows on the floor, accompanied by gentle, horizontal sounds and slow moving lights,” Alicia explains, “The crowd is invited to get down early, get accustomed to the space and ease themselves into the night.”

“We book an opening DJ that plays specifically ambient,” Alicia continues, “then they are followed by someone we feel will be able to skillfully make that gradual progression from ambient to club (the most fun slot to play in my opinion). After the turn of midnight, the music reaches its full ‘club’ potential, but always with an underlying obscure, deep and intricate thread running through.”

The collaborative event with Cozi and Local Knowledge last year perhaps sums up the ethos best: “August 2022, the hottest day of the summer, the energy was unmatched,” Alicia recalls, “All of our mates and a lot of new friendly faces came down for Kia’s debut London show, and to heat up to a super saucy b2b from NYC’s Amelia Holt and Yumi. The air was thick with smoke machine mist and sweat, but people could NOT stop dancing. Amazing sound and visually stunning. An immaculate vibe. It felt really free and was one of the most special nights that I’d experienced in London in a while.”

The careful programming is key to establishing the atmosphere of comfort and exploration that the curators strive for.  “We just want people to really lose themselves in it, with music that slowly progresses and weaves organically throughout the night,” Alicia adds, “our job is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable enough in the space to reach that point.”

As the names suggests, crux of the Friends & Family event is community. “This event is essentially just a celebration of how lucky we are to have so many talented artists as close friends,” Alicia notes, “It’s an extended family that has been gradually building in a really organic way since Covid ended, through spaces like Kindred Radio, parties like Accidental Meetings, Goodness and Late Night Shopper and festivals like On Kilter, Floorless and Field Maneuvers. I’m really glad we’re a part of it! See you on Saturday <3”

The event will see five b2b’s taking place across the night, so we thought it would be fitting for each artist to pick out their favourite mix or track from their respective b2b partner. Below you’ll find enough sonic nourishment to keep you satiated till the event.

Pasta Kebab Live at Bodily (23.04.23)

R.E.D “I love this mix from Millie! I think it really has a deep and dubby feel to it in true Pasta Kebab style, and to me is quite meditative and relaxing. This is a great recording of her live set at Bodily which I sadly couldn’t attend, so to be able to listen back and experience a bit of this is really nice.”

FloorlessMix 003 - R.E.D

Pasta Kebab “I’m always amazed by Soph’s selection! I think this mix shows how well she can mix many genres into one and still make it seem effortless and concise. Proper stripped back but layered bass... Everything I love. Soph makes frogs proud.”

If-Only Podcast #123: softi

Stone “I’m always in awe of how effortless and fluid softi’s mixes are, whilst also being so wildly eclectic. This pod is a fine example.”

Stone Live at Terra Obscura (02.12.22)

softi “Stone at Terra Obscura was the best set I've saw last year. Hands down… Mind-blowing!”

Nils Edte - Sellenti II (Avsluta's Desert Trip Re-Imagination)

Alicia “I met up with Lucie to go incense shopping for the last Terra Obscura one sunny Sunday before the event, and she sent me this stunning desert trip track while I Lime-biked across the river to meet her.”

Alicia | HÖR (06.03.23)

Avsluta “I am picking Alicia’s HÖR show for its effortless, patient ascent from dubbed-out downtempo all the way into sweat-dripping clubby bass. This mix has such beautiful flow, each track being the perfect continuation of the last. Listening to it makes me feel satisfied yet keeps me curious!”

Shaw Cuts Podcast 036 - Kincaid

FYI Robyn “Joe recorded this mix for Shaw Cuts in my living room recently. It took me on a 2 hour genre-bending journey as I sipped matcha and worked through preparations for the Bodily retreat… he’s a sexy wizard.”

FYI Robyn b2b Kincaid at Kiosk Radio (04.05.23)

Kincaid “I particularly loved the selection Rob brought to our b2b here, finished our set feeling inspired and very in sync! She’s an amazing selector and a true talent. I feel extremely lucky to have a partner who I can share music with in this way, and who can also blow my head off with their selections!”

Truska - Instra

OL Drift “I didn't know Liam (Keydell/Truska) at this stage, but this song reminds me of slamming it out tops off in my living room on my ironing board controller setup during the long and weird Covid days/nights. Now he's sitting on 7+ albums worth of absolute heat, so fucking watch this space!!”

OL Drift for Late Night Shopper x Next Door Records (22.04.21)

Keydell “The first time I discovered Oli's slick selections was through this cheeky mix for Late Night Shopper at Bush Hall a couple years back. I was really impressed with his ability to seamlessly jump between so many styles of music and rated how deep he would get into it behind the decks.. Not long after we met at the first On-Kilter festival and bonded quick time. Been absolute boys since and can't wait to spin some ambient sludge with him at the upcoming Terra Obscura.”