In this series we will be inviting DJs and producers to tell us about what they’ve been listening to recently, thinking outside of the USB and the record box, and delving into what’s really playing in the headphones on the bus home.

For this edition we welcome London-based producer and DJ aircode, who has been making a name for herself as a purveyor of richly textured and adventurously dynamic tracks. Her music sits somewhere between sculptural ambience and dub-indebted downtempo, while maintaining an intricacy that never allows attention to lapse. A steady stream of projects have seen release through the likes of TT, Nostro Hood System and Cafe Oto’s in-house imprint TakuRoku. This month, her second album ‘Surface Tension’ sees release on Gin&Platonic.

Below, aircode guides us through what she’s really been listening to recently.

sofa - tryhard

“A rare example of newly released good shoegaze and alternative rock music. I always enjoy 3XL’s output. This track got me gearing up for Autumn.”

LOUKEMAN - Toes Down
“I found this track listening back to my 2021 version of my yearly playlist where I dump all the music I come across. Some of the music I have barely even listened to before it goes in so I like coming back to it when going through a dry spell.”

Jana Rush - Mynd Fuc

“Just rediscovered this mad track. The complexity of it hits every time. I also have a soft spot for sporadic piano in experimental electronic music and this is a good example of this.”

Drake & Future - Plastic Bag

“Amongst my five favourite songs. I’m not gonna lie, I have had severe dry spells of music-listening the last couple of years and ended up mainly listening to Drake… I never get tired of this song or this album.”

R.L. Burnside - Shuck Dub

“I can't remember where I found this track, it was probably on one of my ‘mindlessly clicking through YouTube’ sprees and it stuck with me. This is probably my favourite way to find music, especially when you stumble upon a channel uploading rare cuts.”

Clara La San - In This Darkness (Jersey Club + Brazilian Funk) (shonci Bootleg)

“Saw in a Reel, very trendy Gen Z, but pretty good.”

Ivo Perelman, Matthew Shipp & Joe Morris - Spirit World

“I like to put this album on in the background. Smooth avant-garde jazz is my favourite ‘in the background while doing other things’ music. It helps activate my brain without distracting it.”

Addison Rae - 2 die 4 (feat. Charlie XCX)

“When ‘Obsessed’ came out I was Obsessed and then this EP came out and I didn’t like it. But since I’ve been spending a lot of time in cars where it was played I am now into it.”

Elusin - Break Up Plzz

“I love everything Elusin does and especially on a rainy day. Always makes me calm and emotional in the best possible way.”

Roots Manuva - Clockwork

“The kind of track I just keep coming back to, I have a soft spot for this drum pattern of late nineties music.”