In this series we will be inviting DJs and producers to tell us about what they’ve been listening to recently, thinking outside of the USB and the record box, and delving into what’s really pl aying in the Airpods on the bus home or out off the laptop on the kitchen table.

First up, we welcome Bristol-based artist Jurango, who’s bass-forward tracks have seen release across some of most respected labels in UK club music such as Livity Sound and Rhythm Section, as well as underground tastemaker labels Pseudonym and [re]sources. His latest EP ‘Isle of Crass’ is coming out on re:ni and Laksa’s re:lax label in October, promising to continue his descent into the the realms of hyper-percussive rhythms and subterranean bass.

Below Jurango highlights the Sherwood-helmed dub versions, R'n'B royalty, Prince rarities and more that are soundtracking his late summer wind down.

Prince - Mary Don't You Weep (Piano & A Microphone 1983 Version)

“I remember hearing this on NTS a while back, listening to it a few times on Spotify then just sort of forgetting about it. Then at the start of the summer I was passing through [infamous Bristol haunt] Mickey Zoggs on a random weekday morning and Chez De Milo was playing it on a Noods Radio morning show. Since then it's had a lot of rotations throughout the summer. Iconic + soulful recording.”

Natural Wonder Beauty Concept - The Veil I
“What a link-up! Totally unexpected but a wicked project from Ana Roxanne and DJ Python.”

Aaliyah - It's Whatever

“No idea why, but one of the vocal harmonies from this popped into my head at some point over summer, and I keep going back to it. My favourite Aaliyah track.”

African Head Charge - Microdosing

“Was lucky enough to see African Head Charge at Glastonbury this year as they were at the top of my list of acts to see. Great to see them perform and release new music, very much waiting for them to announce a Bristol show…”

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom - Edge of the Edge Dub (Adrian Sherwood 'Reset In Dub' Version)

“I could have included anything off this album tbh. Remember listening to it while driving back down to Bristol after visiting some friends in Cumbria. This track really stuck out to me and my partner as we listened - strong Beach Boys-meets-dub feel.”

Blue Lake - Bloom

“This whole album has had a few front-to-back rotations since coming across it. Ideal for getting stuck into emails/admin/work.”

Lush - Undertone

“Often find myself coming back to Lush, one of my favourite dream pop bands. Could have chosen anything off of their albums ‘Gala’, ‘Spooky’ or ‘Split’.”

t l k - Faces

“Undoubtedly one of Bristol's most exciting songwriting talents right now. Went to the launch event of this EP earlier this year and the whole audience was totally sidelined by her presence and performance. ‘Wall of sound' energy is normally something I'd associate with much harder/noise/heavy acts but Tara's delivery is totally that. Been a real pleasure to watch them consistently reach new heights.”

Holysseus Fly - Within The Water

“Along with t l k, I came across Holly's music at the studio I work at and remember quickly going to watch her at [Bristol venue] Crofters Rights. Another amazing Bristol-based artist with a super engaging, vibrant and dynamic live show. Some people really come alive when they're on the stage - like it's where they are meant to be, where they belong. This certainly seems to be the case for Holly.”

Gonubie - Blue Emperor

“Got sent the promo of this recently and the whole album is a big tip. Done it a few times front to back and looking forward to a few more. A blissful ambient selection for low lighting and changing seasons.”

Pre-order Isle of Crass here + grab tickets for the re:lax release party at Ormside here.